Hans Nilsson

Noir Stockholm was founded 2007 by Creative Director Hans Nilsson and Co-Founder Ellen Ericsson.
Hans Nilsson is an internationally well established editorial and celebrity hairstylist. His avant garde hair creations, used in fashion and music shows are often compared to art...

A little while ago we had the change to ask some questions to Hans Nilsson, see below what fascinates him and his reason why he started Noir.

What is it that fascinates you about  the haircare industry?

There is a lot of different things that fascinates me when it’s comes to this fantastic industry, for me it has always been about the journey and the way we and the industry develops and move forward. The hair industry over all is so much bigger then just the hair we do, it’s about all the people we meet, the looks we create, the creative process, the link to fashion and how we use it, the way we customise the hair for the client personal expression and the way we advise and tailor the products needed for every client to be able to look great at home as well, hair is the ultimate accessory.

When you think about what happens in a salon every day it’s truly amazing, the relationship between hairdressers and their clients are so unique there is not a lot relationships where you meet someone every 6-10 weeks and talk for one hour for 10 or 30 years, you get to see develop and grow!

What is the reason you started NOIR Stockholm?

Noir Stockholm was founded by me and Ellen in 2007 with the vision of creating a platform for hair and creativity including shoots, shows, clients, devoted to the personal expression and being the link between hair and fashion. We knew from the start that we wanted to develop Noir Stockholm hair care line and in 2015 we launched the line, the reason for why we launched at that time was for the extremely strong need for products made for what hairdressers and hairstylists need to create their amazing work and to simplify for the client at home to give them the tools to be able to look great at all time, the need for caring hair care not only care for the hair but also the care for sustainable hair care.

What is your view on sustainability, and what kind of influence has that philosophy on NOIR Stockholm?

We believe that sustainable thinking is the key, we constantly strive to make the brand greener and even more sustainable with everything we do from making sure every ingredient is certified, no over production, products that cover more the one specific need, recyclable packaging, how we ship the products, using less water in the products so you don’t have to ship water, shipping box sizes and a lot more.

What is your favorite product, and why?

This is a hard question, since we see Noir Stockholm as a palette where you choose your products to customise for every clients need and to achieve the look you are aiming for, but if I have to pick it’s probably Essential leave in Conditioner for the versatility and the care it gives, Editors Choice because of the smooth touch it gives and the texture it creates after a blow dry, Secret Veil the way it just restarts the hair  and the lightness it gives the hair and Picture Perfect the way I can work and restyle and it still doesn’t look sprayed.

Best regards,

Hans Nilsson Creative Director

Noir Stockholm

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