Expo Lucia Ganieva

Lucia Ganieva, born in Russia, but living in the Netherlands since 1993.
May 31st, 2007 graduated with an honours degree (cum laude) at the Foto Academie Amsterdam.
My work has been exhibited all over the world and has been awarded with many international prizes and awards, both in art and in commercial competitions. Apart from working on my personal projects I am interested in and available for commercial commissioned work.
For my work I use a mid-format camera, also with a digital back, and I am experienced in working with Photoshop and Phase One. I am known for having a good feeling for the use of light. My background in the fashion industry helps me to contribute to the creative process in commercial projects.

[[en]]A collective of hairdressers that master the craft of cutting hair.
Our work is characterized by attention to detail and focus on long-lasting natural cuts.[[nl]]Natuurlijk knippen 

Rikit Hair beheerst het hele spectrum van kniptechnieken en kleurspecialismes. Wij houden de ambachtelijke traditie van het vak hoog, maar zijn altijd gefocust op nieuwe ontwikkelingen. Graag nemen we je mee in onze wereld om te zoeken naar de beste mogelijkheden voor jouw haar.

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